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Monday, 24 September 2018
The G20 Summit 2014

G20 Members and Guests:

The Group of Twenty (G20) is an assembly of twenty major advanced and emerging economies that began in 1999 as a meeting between Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in the aftermath of the Asian Financial crisis. Today, the G20 Summit’s focus is more expansive and aims to deal with global financial and social security and development. At the most recent G20 Summit in September 2013, leaders reaffirmed its role as the premier forum for their international economic cooperation.

The G20 Membership includes 19 countries and the European Union. Additionally, each year, a number of guest countries are invited to the Summit and other related meetings.

The G20 Members:

- Argentina
- Australia
- Brazil
- Canada
- China
- France
- Germany
- Indonesia
- India
- Italy
- Japan
- Republic of Korea
- Mexico
- Russia
- Saudi Arabia
- South Africa
- Turkey
- United Kingdom
- United States
- European Union


Guests include:

- Chair of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
- Head of the African Union
- Head of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)
- World Trade Organisation (WTO)
- International Monetary Fund (IMF)
- World Bank (WB)
- Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

As President of the G20, Australia will be inviting:

- Myanmar
- Senegal
- New Zealand
- Singapore
- Spain


(Image: G20 Twitter feed, 2013)


G20 in Brisbane – an Important Opportunity for Australia

Brisbane’s rapidly growing global reputation as Australia’s New World City, rich with opportunity, was affirmed by its selection as host of the 2014 G20 Summit on November 15-16 2014 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC). For Australia, this will be the most significant meeting of world leaders that it has hosted, and represents a valuable opportunity to influence the economic policies of the major economies of the world and contribute to a strong, growing and resilient global economy. In turn, reaching such outcomes will boost Australian jobs, living standards and long-term wealth. A key outcome of the G20 Summit is the production of a declaration which outlines G20 policy commitments and how they will be implemented and achieved.

In addition, the G20 will place Brisbane at the centre of world events, attracting significant media coverage; and providing an opportunity to showcase Brisbane, Queensland and Australia as world-class destinations for tourism, education and business.

Satellite events

Leveraging on this important event, Brisbane and Australia will host a range of satellite events which will focus on engagement with non-government groups including local businesses, civil society, labour, community, thought leaders and youth. Drawing these groups together provides an opportunity for representatives of G20 countries to provide input that may be considered for the G20 Summit’s operations; and have the potential to make a contribution to addressing global economic challenges.

Australia will also host various meetings with G20 officials as part of the preparations for the event. These meetings will often include Finance Ministers and G20 Sherpas and focus on macroeconomic issues and how to strengthen and improve the way global financial systems are governed, as well as subject-specific working groups.

LSQ will host the I-20 meeting and is inviting the innovation ministers of the G-20 Nations to participate in this event.

Source – Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Government (G20 fact sheets folder)


(Image: G20 Twitter feed, 2013)

Free tolls for G20

Tolls will be free for all motorists travelling on the Go Between Bridge and Gateway Bridges during the G20 Summit weekend.

Premier Campbell Newman and Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said providing free tolls will help motorists get in and around the city during the summit.

“The G20 is attracting world leaders, 4000 delegates and 3000 media, and Queenslanders should also enjoy this international spectacle,” Mr Newman said.

“The G20 will provide about $100 million worth of direct economic benefits for Brisbane, however we acknowledge there will also be some disruptions which is why we decided to waive the tolls on these bridges.

“Saturday will see the largest number of motorcade and vehicle movements occur and providing free tolls on these key bridges will help the travelling public get to where they need to go.”

Mr Emerson said waiving the tolls would provide even more options for Queenslanders to enjoy the G20 celebrations and help minimise disruptions for those travelling around the CBD.

“From Friday 14 November to midnight Sunday 16 November motorists will travel free on the Go Between Bridge,” Mr Emerson said.

“We are also funding free tolls on the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (Gateway) on Saturday 15 November from 6.00am to midnight.

“Making the Gateway Bridges toll free on the Saturday will provide a free river crossing for those travelling between the north and south of the city and help reduce the inconvenience for motorists.”

The Australian Government will fund the suspension period for the Go Between Bridge and the State Government will fund the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (Gateway) at a total cost of $523,000.

For all information about G20 transport changes and road closures visit